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2018 MCYFA Rookie Tackle Rules Modifications

Click here to view a pdf of the rule book


As the season progresses we will make changes as needed to address situations that occur during games. 

  1. While it is not legal to run a quarterback sneak, we will allow a quarterback draw if the quarterback takes the snap from a shotgun formation at least three yards behind the center.
  2. MCYFA rules have mandated for at least twenty years that the gaps between offensive lineman cannot exceed one yard.  We will maintain that policy for rookie tackle.  That means that the defensive players must shade to the outside of the offensive lineman.  There should be a “three player gap” between them.  The center and both offensive linemen would be that gap.  Our definition of shade will be that the helmets cannot overlap of the outermost offensive lineman and the defensive lineman.
  3. We will use the 40 second play clock as in the past.  The clock will be started on the ready for play signal of the official.
  4. All penalties shall be five yards or ½ the distance if appropriate.  Unsportsmanlike fouls on coaches or fans  will be fifteen yards. 
  5. If a penalty would move the ball behind the 40-yard line the ball will be set on the 40. 
  6. If an overtime is played it will be played with the same rules as IHSAA overtimes, except for the ball being set on the 5-yard line to begin the overtime.