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Football Fundamentals: Blocking

3-Point Stance:

  • Feet should be at least armpit-width apart, but never wider than your shoulders. If the feet are too close together, the opponent will be able to push the player aside.
  • Toes should be pointed slightly in, heels out.
  • Reach out far enough to create a balanced stance. 60% forward, 40% back. The down hand should be on balancing on all five fingers or knuckles. It is aligned inside the back foot and forward of the shoulder. If you are right-handed, your right hand should be on the ground, with the toes of your right foot aligned with the heel of your left foot. The back foot is your power foot, used to drive into the opponent.
  • Knees in and over the ankles. We want to see a "Z" formed with the knee. If the back legs are not bent enough, they will not be coiled for maximum power.
  • The other hand or forearm can be resting on the opposite knee, or down beside it.
  • Keep your head up, the neck bulled, and the eyes forward. Also keep your back level. If the tail is too high or low, you lose power and forward thrust.
  • Your weight should be distributed on the balls of your feet and your down hand. There should be a slight forward shift of the weight to the hand.

Blocking Charge:

  • Explode with a snap. The most important moment in blocking is the first split second. You know where the ball is going. You need to beat your man to the angle to block him effectively.
  • Drive forward with the back foot.
  • Stay low and drive forward. The most common mistake in blocking is to stand up when the ball is snapped.
  • Forearms rise forward to meet the opponent in the chest. Elbows are out. Try to hit the man low with a hard jolt with your forearms (called a "shiver").
  • Angle, don't step to your opponent's side. You lose momentum if you step sideways.
  • Drive, don't lunge. Keep your body under control and balanced!
  • Keep the feet moving with short choppy steps.
  • Maintain your block until the play is whistled over by the referees.